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CompTIA Security Trustmark workshops help solution providers prepare their organizations to earn the credential.

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How to Earn the CompTIA Security Trustmark

  1. Trustmark Process
The CompTIA Security Trustmark involves a comprehensive evaluation of your company's security processes and policies. The chart to the right illustrates the process involved in earning the CompTIA Security Trustmark.

For an in-depth discussion of these topics and the areas they cover, download our CompTIA Security Trustmark Reference Guide.

We highly recommend you complete our free Pre-Application before submitting a formal application. The pre-application will gauge your readiness to pass the CompTIA Security Trustmark application, and give you suggestions for the areas in which remediation could be needed.

For more information about the CompTIA Security Trustmark, contact Robert Henry at 630-678-8338 or trustmark@comptia.org.

"Having that company-level certification is key because there is no barrier to entry in our industry. Anyone can hang out a shingle and say they are an outsourced IT provider, and there is nothing for the end consumer to look at and say 'Does this company really walk the talk on the level of services and quality as it relates to security best practices?' "

MJ Shoer
President and Virtual Chief Technology Officer, Jenaly Technology Group, Inc.