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Culture & Diversity

Our staff reaches across five continents. Our headquarters is based outside of Chicago in Downers Grove, IL. We have satellite U.S. offices in San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC, along with international offices in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa and South Korea.

We’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, improving the environment and giving our staff robust workstyle options. About one-third of our staff works remotely from their homes full time or telecommutes two or more days a week.

Our headquarters is truly green and complements how we incorporate green practices into our daily worklife:

  • Our building is ENERGY STAR rated and Silver LEED rated.
  • During construction, we reused much of the original building, used sustainable materials, and practiced responsible recycling.
  • We use energy-efficient lighting, automatic light sensors and an automatic building shut down system.
  • We participate in the building’s active recycling program.
  • We use DocLink software to create a workflow that is as paperless as possible.