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Career Development

As an association, we strive to bring more workers into the IT industry and get those workers properly trained and certified. That career development continues for our staff as well. We offer training programs, tuition assistance and mentoring to help employees take their skills to the next level.

Employees can receive as much as $5250 annually in tuition reimbursement, provided that the classes are job-related. Another $750 is offered annually per employee for professional development programs.

In the office, we offer regular lunch-and-learn sessions on communications, networking and project management. Departments also offer their own specific training to maximize performance and team-building.

In our mentoring program, a junior employee (mentee) pairs with a more experienced co-worker (mentor) from a different department, so that the mentee gains additional knowledge, skills, experience, information and advice.

Rounding out our career development for employees, we hold 360-degree reviews to complement our annual performance reviews. Each employee polls six to ten team members, asking them how the employee is performing compared to CompTIA's employee success factors. This process allows employees to gather feedback not just from their supervisor but also co-workers and to create a development plan.