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Bruce E. Enright

Chief Executive Officer, Tallgrass Technologies LLC

Bruce has more than 30 years as a senior business executive in the Kansas City Community. From Senior Business Consulting Manager at the professional services firm Arthur Andersen & Co, to Treasurer for retailer Westlake Hardware, to CFO & General Manager for international distributor/manufacturer Koch Supplies, to President & CEO of IT Solution Provider Tallgrass Technologies; one theme has remained true – Add undisputable value to your customers, and your company will grow and prosper. All entities Bruce has been associated with above have grown and prospered during his tenure and under his leadership.

Areas of responsibility and experience for Bruce include have included the management of multi-location store operations, corporate IT technology planning & operation, corporate financial strategy & operation, distribution & logistics planning and operation, international sales / operations / funding.

As with past associations, Bruce’s focus at Tallgrass is on customer retention and growth. Only outstanding, consistent delivery of solutions that exactly meet the clients’ needs can earn Tallgrass Technologies the trusted IT advisor status requisite to achieve customer growth and retention. Core technology competencies coupled with best practices in service delivery processes provide foundational Tallgrass resources for its clientele.

Bruce is a Certified Public Accountant and has formal training and experiences in business process re-engineering, merger and acquisition planning, strategic planning, transaction flow reviews, ERP design and integration, corporate financial strategies, corporate tax planning, international logistics and other business areas.

Bruce has lived in Kansas City his entire life, and is a business graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has served as Deputy CTO for Oracle and on Advisory Councils for HP, CompTIA, and for the Greater Kansas City Commerce Division.