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  • AWIT Caps off a Successful Year with an Aggressive 2015 Plan

    by Doriana Allyn | Dec 18, 2014
    AWIT’s Doriana Allyn looks back at the progress of the CompTIA Community and what’s in store for 2015, including a four-part webinar series designed for women working in IT.
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  • Five Tips for Selling IT to Schools

    by Carolyn April | Dec 15, 2014
    The education market is a good target for today’s channel, according to CompTIA’s latest study, “The Changing Classroom: Perspectives from Students and Educators on the Role of Technology.” As educators realize the benefits to student performance, achievement mandates and overall efficiency, information technology will continue to increase in importance — and spending.
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  • Channel Trends: Are We Becoming a Surveillance Society?

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 12, 2014
    Most people have little concern with new location devices and cameras used to track data, but what happens when private companies not only access the data, but sell it to others? Channel companies offering surveillance and public safety need to be open and honest about what their systems can and can’t do, and start considering a variety of ethical issues.
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  • Why the Wounded Warrior Project Deserves — and Receives — CompTIA Support

    by Stephanie Martin | Dec 11, 2014
    CompTIA Councils and Communities donated $15,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project in 2014, including a $5,000 donation from the CompTIA Vendor and Telecom Advisory Councils. In this piece, Exigo’s Stephanie Martin shares her experience delivering the check to the group and how the organization is helping returning veterans.
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  • Students and Teachers Agree: Let’s Bring In More Tech

    by Anna Matthai | Dec 10, 2014
    Educators are always looking for ways to make learning more engaging, and students believe technology in school makes learning more interesting and fun, according to new research from CompTIA. In a rare agreement, both groups want to increase technology in the classroom, particularly by way of laptop PCs, tablets and high-speed Internet access.
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  • CompTIA Asks Councils and Communities for Help in Revamping Healthcare Tools

    by Michelle Peterson | Dec 08, 2014
    CompTIA will retire a handful of educational materials at the end of 2014 to freshen up its library and make room for better tools related to the fast-changing healthcare market. “Our initial take on healthcare IT didn’t fully embrace the exciting things that are happening in that market, so we’re going to go back to the drawing board with member help,” said Stephanie Morgan, CompTIA’s director of member education.
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  • ChannelTrends: Sell Quality Protection, Not Fear

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 04, 2014
    Cyberattacks are a good way to spook your customers, but sensationalizing security concerns will only reap short-term benefits. Successful solution providers will instead offer real world examples of existing threats without overhyping a customer’s potential exposure, and use tools like CompTIA’s IT Security Assessment Wizard to create a comprehensive outline of a customer’s true needs.
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  • 5 Tools To Make Mobility Work For You Now

    by Seth Robinson | Dec 03, 2014
    Fueled by consumerism, cloud and an increasing demand for heightened productivity, mobility solutions are one of the most talked-about trends in IT. Learn all the spokes to this wheel with CompTIA’s latest resource bundle: Five Tools to Make Mobility Work.
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  • ITSS Community Delivers an Actionable Reminder: Create a Better User Experience

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 01, 2014
    How customers utilize your products or services is crucial to your success, and user experience was a prevailing topic with several speakers and in many round table discussions at the recent ITSS Community meeting in Philadelphia. Experts offered firsthand accounts of how some rather large organizations are adopting and implementing the latest technologies, and each presenter addressed a number of the concerns and problems their management and tech teams experienced along the way.
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  • CIO of NYC Schools Shares Challenges of Ed-Tech

    by Brian Sherman | Nov 21, 2014
    Ed-tech opportunities are approaching $7 billion annually and reaching into almost every community — it’s a market that’s quickly becoming a viable for virtually every solution provider. The ITSS Community heard great detail on the matter from New York’s Department of Education CIO at their recent meeting in Philadelphia. There, Hal Friedlander elaborated on the challenges of widespread tech adoption in schools, and the tricky road to implementation.
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