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  • 145 More Reasons to Attend ChannelCon 2014

    by Emily Matzelle | Jul 28, 2014
    With just days to go before CompTIA takes over Phoenix for ChannelCon 2014, you may think that we’ve been through all the reasons why you should attend. As it turns out, we have 145 more! We’re excited to host more than 145 media and industry partners exhibiting this year, giving you the opportunity to browse the latest and greatest channel products, solutions and partner initiatives — plus samples and deals found only at ChannelCon.
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  • ChannelTrends: Adaptability is Key to SMB Survival

    by Brian Sherman | Jul 28, 2014
    In today’s fast-paced and fiscally cautious business environment, it takes a flexible and proactive IT services organization to meet the needs — and demands — of commercial clients. Are you ready, willing and able to succeed when opportunities appear, even those that require significant and swift operational changes?
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  • ChannelTrends: Start Building Your Future IT Portfolio Today

    by Brian Sherman | Jul 23, 2014
    The portfolio prospects for solution providers have never been brighter, from advanced cloud solutions to the Internet of Things. But with so much effort required to transform an IT business — and the considerable time and fine-tuning it takes to prepare a new VAR offering for a full-scale rollout — providers, vendors and distribution executives should be investing time and attention into their future products and services.
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  • CompTIA’s Rigorous Trustmark Process Pays off for TeamLogic IT

    by Julie Ritzer Ross | Jul 22, 2014
    TeamLogic IT-Memphis owner Drayton Mayers knows that his clients each require their own set of business solutions, but they all share one pressing need: airtight data security and privacy. “Every business owner wants to be assured of having the best protection for his or her data and network,” said Mayers, who made earning the vendor-neutral CompTIA Security Trustmark a top priority for his business.
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  • Executive Certificates — Available Exclusively at ChannelCon — Cover Cash Flow and Security Risks

    by Emily Matzelle | Jul 22, 2014
    Enhance your business by sitting in on three hour-long courses — available exclusively at ChannelCon — and earning a CompTIA executive certificate, which can help you expand your knowledge and skillset to target your company’s goals and objectives. The 2014 ChannelCon offerings include the Executive Certificate in Business Agility, the Executive Certificate in Channel Management and the CompTIA Online Executive Certificate in Cloud, Mobility or IT Security.
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  • Utah Tech Council Uses Advocacy to Leverage the State’s Tech Priorities

    by Bob Moore | Jul 21, 2014
    Leveraging its leadership on early-stage capital issues, the Utah Technology Council (UTC) has played a transformative role in the development and passage of legislation impacting Utah’s technology industry. Hear from Richard R. Nelson on how UTC is becoming the voice of technology in the state.
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  • Make the Most of ChannelCon’s Community Day

    by Jim Hamilton | Jul 17, 2014
    ChannelCon’s Community Day, set for Aug. 4, is when CompTIA’s most engaged members gather to share insights, network with peers and build initiatives that drive the IT industry forward. Start your day with the Community Breakfast: 8 Nuggets to Start Your Day, where leaders from CompTIA’s eight communities will entice you to attend their meetings.
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  • Dream IT Reaches Out to 10,000 with Message of Empowerment

    by Michelle Peterson | Jul 17, 2014
    IT is a great place for women — that’s the simple message Dream IT, a new program by CompTIA’s AWIT Community, is sharing with 10,000 people this year. Through speaking engagements and the new AWIT Career Resource Center, and the community is both spreading the word and compiling a robust packet of slides, videos and instructions for those who would like to share their stories. “All we need are volunteers,” said project lead Cathy Alper.
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  • Get in the Driver’s Seat at ChannelCon’s Community Day

    by Emily Matzelle | Jul 17, 2014
    Beginning with a hearty community breakfast, ChannelCon’s Community Day features collaborative meetings open to anyone who has an interest in driving their particular niche of the IT channel. If you’ve never been to a CompTIA community meeting, don’t be shy. Check out the schedule and join us.
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  • How to Measure Success in a New Era of IT

    by Seth Robinson | Jul 16, 2014
    Cloud computing, mobility and Big Data analytics are not merely new options for a company to utilize as they build out their IT architecture. Instead, they create a new platform that drives a radically different technology strategy. CompTIA researcher Seth Robinson examines the paradigm shift in the industry’s approach to enterprise IT.
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